Better recovery pathways for young adults with challenging mental illness and addiction

About Us

MindFx Limited is an ACNC registered not-for-profit start-up with bold plans and a big heart.

Their aim is to establish the FIRST unique MindFx Centre that will be transformational for young adults with challenging mental illness.

A passionate group of professionals has come together to deliver ‘Better Recovery Pathways’ for young adults (aged 18-27 years) with challenging mental illness, using a community-focused model of psycho-social recovery support involving intensely delivered wrap-around support services. Delivered under the care of dedicated Mental Health Coaches, our programs comprise conveniently co-located services and proven holistic therapies and activities. The MindFx Centre is rich with supportive volunteer mentors, encouraging clients to build connections with existing social enterprises and take an active role in designing their own recovery plan.

Mental illness usually strikes in adolescence or early adulthood and is very common. Fourteen percent (14%) of Australian children aged 12-17 years have a mental disorder, whereas approximately 25% of young adult Australians (aged 18-27 years) have a diagnosis of mental illness with the incidence being higher in females (30%) compared with males (23%) - sources Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Every day across our community, a young person and their loved ones face the challenges of mental illness. What often ensues is a very long and seemingly never-ending cycle of medication changes, medical appointments, different medical opinions, foreign terminology, expense without progress, and clinical labels. Although orchestrated with the best of intent, in mind, by exceptional clinicians and specialists at world class facilities, the young adult patient consistently reports feelings of hopelessness, frustration, despair, and disconnection. All too often, the person feels a distinct lack of control over their state of being, and this combined with lack of purpose during such a difficult time leads to a loss of identity and self-worth, making it harder to maintain relationships both within the peer group and wider social networks. MindFx together with the community’s support unite to fight this predicament on behalf of all young adults. Together we will make a difference to the lives of so many!

The current system does not adequately cater for the unique needs of young adults.

The system is fragmented and poorly coordinated. There is no formal supported transition back into the peer group in relation to work, study, family, and friendships. It’s inefficient and ineffective. And so, begins the painful cycle between hospital and home, back to hospital, back to home, many times over. The outcome is to effectively stall the recovery process and each time makes it that much harder to become involved in the community. This broken model is very costly in terms of hospital admissions, lost productivity, and in the worst cases lost lives. For those on this painful cycle, there is significant and long-term (often several years) social and financial impacts.

This is a complex problem to solve. MindFx aims to be the leader in providing solutions to support young adults fighting mental illness by finding Better Recovery Pathways.

The people, the provider and partner organisations, behind MindFx are a highly committed, passionate, and professional group of individuals, practitioners, and organisations, who have come together to provide Better Recovery Pathways for our young adults with challenging mental illness.

MindFx’s mission is to significantly shorten (and to eventually break) the current hospital-home-hospital-home cycle of despair and to empower young adults with a lived experience of mental illness to live full and productive lives in the community.

Our promise to you is that we will deliver the FIRST unique MindFx Centre that will be transformational for young adults with challenging mental illness.