Better recovery pathways for young adults with challenging mental illness and addiction


If you presently, or intend to, offer holistic services or activities to clients to improve their wellbeing and are interested in expanding your offering to other young adults (aged 18-27 years old) with a lived experience of mental illness and addiction, MindFx wants to hear from you. Our focus is about coordinating best practice holistic service providers for clients in a central location. The aim is to return clients to a full and productive life sooner rather than later. Our centre also offers career, vocation and social enterprise development services designed to support young adults with a lived experience of mental illness in transitioning to a full and productive life.

Clients will be supported to develop individual recovery plans with the assistance of their Getting Well Coach, who will be the liaison between MindFx and clinical providers such as General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Specialists etc.

Clients have access to a range of tailored activities and therapeutic services which will be brokered.  Service providers will pay MindFx a charge and will primarily deliver the services at the MindFx Centre.

Service relationships are being sought with Providers of the following:

  • Acupuncture, kinesiology, ayurveda, tai chi, yoga, meditation, nutrition, psychosocial therapies, psychodrama, energy healing
  • Creative therapies – art, sculpture, music, drama, creative writing, African drumming, singing, dancing
  • Psychological support – individual and group sessions with an emphasis on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT), trauma resiliency therapy (TRM), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Addiction management
  • Life skills – managing emotions, stress, and anxiety; building self-confidence; conflict resolution; self-reliance and independent living skills (cooking, household management, budgeting, financial management, nutrition, maintaining tenancy) etc

As a supplier/provider I want:

  • to provide an opportunity for young adults to build skills in emotional self-management so that young people can enjoy and confidently engage in life
  • to work with an organisation that can make a positive impact for the target group

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